Amanda Akoto

The founder of Lolahjoy, has always been fascinated with the art and beauty of vintage clothing. Amanda's passion for elegance, sophistication, and luxury in vintage clothing lead her to the creation of Lolahjoy. She loves the history and stories that come with each vintage piece in her collection.

As a little girl, imagining she was a sophisticated fashionista named Lolah, Amanda would play dress up in her Mothers closet. She would wear all of her Mothers favorite jewelry, amazing sequins, beautiful fur coats, and luxurious shoes.

Amanda is excited to share with you a little bit of what brings her joy in this amazing world we live in. Lolahjoy is an online vintage boutique that offers personal styling, and restoration of vintage pieces. Lolahjoy delights in vintage women clothing from the early 1920's to the late 1990's.

All of LolahJoy's beautiful items are personally curated and presented by Amanda herself, in hope that you will fall in love with lolahJoy's collection just as she did when she first found them. Lolahjoy; adding elegance, and luxury style to your timeless vintage story.