Personal Stylist.

Having LolahJoy as a Private Stylist also known as Personal Stylist is just that, private and personal with a real interest in you. As your Personal Stylist LolahJoy will become a visual confidant to you and LolahJoy's role will be to consult and  guide the best creative expression of yourself. Lolahjoy will use knowledge of shape, color and drape as well as knowledge of what product would be best suited for you, our client.

LolahJoy's Private Stylists works with all types of clients from luxury market demands, to high street, or the budget conscious. Every client has a story and a reason why they employ LolahJoy as their personal stylist. Sometimes it’s for a fun makeover session, to take out the stress from shopping, like finding uncommon sizes, relieving a busy lifestyle, or helping put together new outfits that are already in the closet. No matter what challenge our client might have our main goal after each session is to provide an instant confidence boost to every booking by empowering them through clothes.

Special Occasions Stylist.

Special occasions can be wonderful but also stressful sometimes, holiday parties,  weddings, celebrations, photo shoots, job interviews and milestones demand a certain dress code, LolahJoy's stylist can advise you on what your best options are for each occasion to ensure you look and feel your best.

Commercial/Editorial Stylist.

LolahJoy's commercial Stylist will work with you to help reflect the range, the fit, and collaborate with you on how to best style your vision. We will work together with other professionals to execute your visual theme for marketing products for your campaign, look book, e-commerce, editorial, video, runway, retail, visual merchandising and so on. LolahJoy's stylist could also be a part of selection of model and briefing in hair and makeup if needed. Our stylist would work closely with your designers, photographers, videographers, producers, directors, retailers to ensure the vision of your brand and help effectively execute your creation as our client.

Home Wardrobe Edit. 

Your LolahJoy personal stylist will go through your wardrobe with you and teach you how to fine-tune your collection so that your wardrobe best fits you. We will help you put a stop to buying clothes, shoes and accessories that you never really wear, also work with you to clean your wardrobe of unneeded items. LolahJoy will also give you insight advice on how to best organize and manage your wardrobe to create or fine-tune your best personal style.

Private Shopping.

Yes shopping! Accompanied by your personal LolahJoy stylist. We will provide you with professional advice on what outfits suit you best; while work within your desired budget. Lets go shopping together and learn how to choose the right clothes and accessories that works for you instantly without a dough.


If you have any questions or just need a quote about one of our services let us know. Also, if you require a style session that we have not listed above, please don't haste to contact us. We would love to sit and talk to you about what services you need, and how we at LolahJoy can make it happen for you!